Social Responsibility

"Safe Life" company paid special attention to the concept of "Social responsibility" throughout its existence and considered it as an integral part of the company's philosophy. The services provided by the company reflect many social elements and are offered on the basis of security. Having a professional team and a high-quality, functional technical base is one of the important points in ensuring life safety.

In every field of activity, the employee factor is the leading element of the company's success. Each service area provided depends on society and people's approach to the concept of security. In this regard, "Safe Life" company carries out various activities to increase the professional level of employees and develop the material and technical base. All the requirements of the Health and Safety code are observed in the services provided to the customers and in the daily work activities. In accordance with the services provided, environmental protection and environmental issues are always in the spotlight. The environment is always taken into account when implementing fire extinguishing systems, protection and control systems.

With the diversity and geographical coverage of the projects implemented by the "Safe Life" company, the new employees who are involved in the implementation of activities of various complexity get the opportunity to develop as professionals along with being provided with a job. The leading specialists of many world-famous companies with whom he cooperates constantly share their experience and help specialists develop at an increasing pace.

One of the projects that "Safe Life" company implements as part of its social responsibility activities is the start of cooperation with "Union of Architects of the Republic of Azerbaijan". Within the framework of cooperation, "Safe Life" company helps young architects and contributes to the promotion of Azerbaijani architects.