Dispersion with water fire extinguishing


A fire on oil platforms and tanks is classified as a fire with the highest degree of complexity. Because, due to the toxic gases and very high temperature released by such a fire, the fire-fighting ships cannot approach the burning platform.

During the study of the fire safety of the object, the fire extinguishing method with dispersed (pomegranate broken into particles) water (with water powder or fog) is used to extinguish the fire in the open area where it is located. At this time, pipes with a large number of spraying sprinklers are installed along the perimeter of the object in the open field. Water is pumped under high pressure through special pumps into the system of perimeter sprinklers.

This pressurized water opens the shut-off valve of the sprinklers when the fire alarm is activated. The water passing through the sprinkler turns into millions of tiny particles, in other words, solid fog. Due to the movement of water dust along the perimeter of the field with high pressure, very soon the entire surface of the field is covered with a thick cloud of water. In the middle of this fog, there is a source of fire that cuts off the entire airway.

The flame draws in the oxygen necessary for combustion. However, the water dust created during the movement of air towards the flame also begins to move with it. Thus, steam is created when two conflicting environments: flame and water dust collide. This steam creates a curtain, a layer, which prevents oxygen from entering the combustion chamber. During the process, the water dust is constantly separated and the fog concentration with the resulting steam displaces the oxygen. In this way, complete extinguishing of the flame is ensured in a short time.

In conditions where other fire extinguishing agents are unable to provide the necessary productivity, this method has justified itself very well. In addition, the use of water as the main fire extinguishing agent makes this method cheap and widely applicable. On offshore oil platforms, it is possible to easily replace ordinary water with sea water.

The use of intelligent rotating nozzles (nozzles) in the method of extinguishing fire with dispersed water will allow accurate spraying of water powder, taking into account the direction of the wind. Because the strong wind, which spreads the steam fog and "saturates" the fire with air, can interfere with fire extinguishing plans. At this time, the nozzles will direct the sprayed water in a certain direction and will not allow the wind to increase the flame.