Fire extinguishing devices

Fire extinguishers are widely used in extinguishing fires. Although there are different types of fire extinguishers, all of them are used in the initial stage of fires. The type of fire extinguisher should be selected according to the type of potentially flammable substance and the conditions. Fire extinguishers should be placed in a place that will be used quickly.

Types of fire extinguishers:

Water contained in water fire extinguishers is injected with strong pressure on the fire and once opened, it is used until the end.
Powder fire extinguishers contain sodium bicarbonate. It prevents the oxygen in the air from reaching the burning substance. It can be used in any case. But it should be remembered that the dust scattered on the floor should be cleaned thoroughly. Fire extinguishers of this type are advantageous both in terms of their effectiveness and price, they are easily carried in the car. But it is necessary to take into account that when using such fire extinguishers in closed places, it is possible to damage the respiratory organs.
When the chemicals in foaming chemical fire extinguishers come into contact with air, carbon dioxide is formed, which forms a veil over the burning substance. In addition, the liquid part of the foam evaporates and cools the fuel by absorbing heat. They cannot be used where there are machines and equipment.
Carbonate fire extinguishers contain carbon dioxide. It is ideal for any fire incident and does not damage any equipment or materials. Since carbon dioxide does not affect electrical conductivity, it can be used for fires in electrical appliances and high-voltage power lines. The compressed gas in the cylinder creates a strong cooling effect during use, partially turning into dry ice and absorbing most of the heat. Since these fire extinguishers do not cause damage, they can be safely used where there are pictures, books, carpets and other valuables. The gas released from the fire extinguisher is not toxic, but it can cause suffocation. Therefore, they must be controlled where they are used.
Another type of fire extinguishers is a universal tool and is used for fires caused by flammable liquids and uneven surfaces (car engine, printing press, high-voltage electrical devices, expensive and complex equipment, airplanes). These fire extinguishers are toxic and should not be used in unventilated areas. Fire extinguishers of this type are rarely used because they are more expensive than other types.
Primary fire extinguishing devices include: fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, surface and underground hydrants, foam generators, automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire accessories.

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