Intercom systems

The intercom system is designed to communicate between areas and zones. Intercom systems include telephony, satellite and cable television, and the Internet. Intercom systems include dial-up communication, intercom, communication devices for entry-restricted areas and areas.

The current system will distribute calls according to the assigned algorithm from the central station to the auxiliary telephones and will notify about unwanted calls or important calls. When installing the intercom system, transmitting information from each zone along the common area with the system terminal, communicating with incoming customers via intercom, and preventing children from accessing unwanted channels.

Receiving information about emergency situations in your home, for example, through the Internet or telephone, through the control of the intercom system or the installation of additional executive devices, for example, through a car information device. In case of fire, water or gas leakage and failure of engineering systems, as well as when strangers enter your home, the system will activate the siren, alert the security service and you. In addition, you won't have to buy an antenna for every TV or install an Internet access point in every room. The system will transmit and distribute the television signal from the main receiver to all the necessary devices. Also, the system will provide you access to the Internet in all the rooms you need under this scheme.

The intercom system consists of the following parts:

Control processor
Remote control devices
Receiver device
Connecting cable channel
The main advantage of intercom systems is that they are multifunctional and have a wide range of capabilities. The system can be installed in production, administrative institutions, commercial facilities, educational centers, terminals and other buildings - tunnels, power stations, boiler houses and residential houses. One type of intercom system is a video conference intercom system.

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