Where does fire safety begin? There is only one answer to this question: to start with an educated project designed for fire safety. This project is being prepared to collect normative-legal documents and to obtain the customer's financial capabilities and wishes. But all this is not allowed. Creating structures for the best effect is achieved by designing fire safety systems.

A means is possible in a project to avoid the initial condition of fire. Then the problem is solved here. The third safety component of fire safety projects is the development of effective fire and smoke control.

Fire resistance of constructions, people's evacuation (Evacuation), fire safety places and Chamch, main fire damage systems: automatic fire extinguishing, fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishing, Fire-proof Afia, etc. security systems are purchased.

If the building has been used for several decades, all its fire safety systems are outdated. In this case, there is a need to reconstruct and modernize the systems in the building. If the building's rooms are changed or some major repair is started, then the issue of reorganizing the security systems becomes even more urgent.

The fire safety system of the facility is being rebuilt, starting with the inspection of the facility. The purpose is maintenance for such an object. According to the results of the conducted research, a decision is made to strengthen the fire safety system with modern means or to change the entire system.

Designing fire safety systems is not a simple task. Designing requires a large amount of preliminary information. At the same time, designing also requires the most responsible approach. After all, the quality of the project is the effectiveness and management of the entire fire complex, the life and health of people.