Through gas fire fighting


Fire extinguishing systems are burned hot depending on the type of extinguishing agent used in these systems (for example: water, foam, pure inert and synthesized gases). In the event of a fire, depending on the characteristics of the fire-protected object, one or another fire extinguishing agent is used. FM200 synthetic gas occupies a special place in fire extinguishing agents.

Experience has shown that it is more appropriate to use FM200 gas in archives and warehouses where people live or work and where additional, expensive electronic equipment or valuables are stored. Because, water or foam can help server and computer technology, remove this technique. Such danger is excluded when using FM200 gas.

IlIr created a special gas environment in order to make it impossible for the combustion process to take place at the place of the fire when using the gas fire extinguishing system. The application of FM200 synthesized gas has several advantages. These advantages attract them.

First of all, the most important advantage of using synthesized gas is that it is safe for both people and electronic equipment. When extinguishing a fire, gas is used in such a concentration that it does not pose a threat to human life and health. At the time of application of FM200 gas, the concentration of oxygen in the air of the room is 3%. The air may be for the fire to continue, reducing the ability of the people here to breathe.

Expensive electronic equipment and high-value documents are also stored, using FM200 synthesized gas is a very good product. Do not apply FM200 gas when such recovery occurs, the most harmful effect that can occur - here is a very slight drop in temperature. This does not affect the electronics. The gas does not cause wear (corrosion) of the equipment and does not conduct current.

Paper archives created over decades, unique databases stored in the memories of computers and servers are made of priceless materials, many of which are not compensated by any documents. There is always a risk that data stored on servers and other data storage locations may be lost at a moment's notice. It is this, from the point of view of the protection of data and carriers, that the installation of fire extinguishing devices from the gas pipeline is the most effective means.

One of the advantages of gas extinguishing is the time spent extinguishing the fire. The application time of FM200 synthesized gas stops the fire within 15 seconds.

Another advantage of the system is that it is very compact and does not take up a lot of space. In the gas fire extinguishing system, the fire extinguishing agent is extinguished in cylinders in a liquefied form. This system is reliable - accurate, in parallel, both electrical (leakage control devices) and visual (using manometers) monitoring is applied. This system is also long-lasting - its service life is more than 30 years.

therefore, if we take a general look at all these listed, then we will see that the FM200 gas fire extinguishing system meets the requirements with the highest fire safety. In addition, there is such a system (telecommunications equipment, a large number of computers and servers)