parking systems


Safe Life, the largest security company in Azerbaijan, continues to provide new services to its customers. Presenting security systems in a number of large projects across Azerbaijan, the company offers modern solutions for parking vehicles and the new "Car parking systems" service at a time when the load of vehicles and transport roads is increasing.

The vehicle parking system itself consists of three subsystems: vehicle access control, payment points and navigation systems. "Safe Life" company cooperates with companies with sufficient experience and quality in this field to realize this service.

"Safe Life" company cooperates with "Automatic Systems", a market leader in the production of paid access control equipment based on 40 years of experience in automated parking lot access control systems. The equipment of the "Parking Time" company was used to make payments in car parking systems. The main activity of the company is the implementation of paid parking systems. Parking systems with different levels of automation offer the following solutions:

Safe implementation of parking
The possibility to remember the appearance of the vehicle and the state registration plate by means of a video surveillance camera
Identification when the vehicle leaves the parking area
Traffic regulation in the parking area with special traffic lights and devices
Cash flow control
Automatic cash register for unbiased service of staff and tracking of incoming funds
"Safe Life" provides a modern solution, navigation systems for easier parking in the parking lot. This area also cooperates with the "MultiGuide" company. The presented system can be used in airports, train stations, transport hubs, entertainment, business and trade centers, hotels, and various level business institutions. The service is fully provided by Safe Life company.