Central monitoring system


Ensuring fire safety is a wide range of measures. One of the most important elements of this complex is the monitoring and fire warning system. The purpose of the system is to quickly identify the source of ignition (smoke) and notify those in the dangerous area about it, as well as provide correct information to those who started extinguishing the fire.

Sometimes there are ideas that a fire alarm is not necessary, and even an ordinary security guard can successfully replace all preventive measures. These ideas are not only fundamentally wrong, but also very dangerous and destructive. After all, it should be taken into account that any freelance situation can be hopeless for an unprepared person. Bitter experience has shown that when measures are not prepared rationally, when an incident occurs, everyone loses their temper, and chaotic attempts to save occur. The result of such unprofessional actions is unpredictable in many cases and can even lead to death.

The level of modern anti-fire and fire prevention measures cannot even be compared with human resources. First, the object where the system will be installed is studied in terms of potential combustion possibilities. After that, the experts perform the procedures that indicate, prevent or eliminate the burning or the leakage of explosive mixtures at the initial stage. At the customer's request, specialists can monitor the fire protection condition of the object throughout the day in electronic control mode.

All information from the warning devices is collected and sent to the remote control. Here, the artificial intelligence, which performs measurements and calculations every moment, will immediately activate the emergency alarm in case of danger. For such a system, the human factor has no importance, this system does not rely on "maybe", this system does not sleep, this system does not mix the smell of smoke with other smells, and it is impossible to capture this system. Thus, as soon as this system receives the first danger signals, it activates the personnel pre-warning mode and activates the threat cancellation protocols.

Specially trained staff informs the quick response service. The flexible response service, on the other hand, carries out planned work in the direction of eliminating the fire situation on all issues, starting from escorting the vehicles of the firefighting teams to the object and coordinating the actions of the firefighting teams. This special team has at its disposal a database of the locations of hydrants, fire cabinets, water tanks and routes for firefighting units to get there.

The protection composition of such systems provides the owner with the information that allows to ensure the complete security of the protected object. It is an intelligent system that allows to collect and interpret signals referring to biometrics (recognition of a person's identity) and behavioral characteristics of a person. In this way, it carries out complex protection of the object and people's lives.