Smoke exhaust and ventilation


According to objective and terrible statistics, high temperature was not the cause of every five deaths that occurred during the fire. It spreads more during fire. When this smoke comes into contact with the retina, it causes burning pain in the eyes, tears flow and disorientation in movements. At the same time, inhalation of even a small amount of smoke leads to toxicity (poisoning) of the substance and thus to loss of consciousness. In addition, many fires are unexpected and result in panic among people and release into the environment.

We can occasionally detect the consequences of such situations. For example, many people know about the recent fire incident in the "Akhsag at" club in the city of Perm, Russia. At that time, the large number of fire victims occurred as a result of panic caused by the possibility of thick smoke. People who have labored in a closed space due to thick smoke have lost their orientation.

That is why, with a strong fight - transport has become the most important in ensuring fire safety. Today, our companies have mechanisms that validate and activate the purchase or exchange of smoke. A small adjustment of these mechanisms - rooms are quickly produced from smoke and ash particles filled here. It is important to note that the burning of the torch does not interfere with the system for ignition of the fire, but the supply of oxygen in sufficient quantity for human breathing. The system is installed in such a way that it can provide visual image and breathing along with the possible help of smoke in the evacuation (evacuation) route of the people in the object where the fire occurred.

The flame control system also prevents the top and flame growth. In order to solve this problem, ventilation pipes, which are the ideal means for the production of smoke and fire in unprepared areas and rooms, are equipped with special fences. These fences, controlled by the fire extinguishing system, both create a route for people being evacuated and isolate this evacuation route from smoke.

In addition to all this, there are smoke protection curtains located along the boundaries of the area as a smoke barrier. Such curtains increase the efficiency of fire extinguishing and smoke installation devices. This, in turn, creates additional opportunities for firefighters. Such a fire extinguishing operation creates conditions for the completion of the fire recovery of the room with minimal funding.