Fire hydrants

Fire hydrants are one of the means of fire extinguishing and are mostly used in factories, warehouses, buildings, production hubs, as well as in cities and towns in direct fire intervention points.

Working principle - opening-closing disk, the moving pipe is moved downwards in the opening direction with a special hydrant switch. Thus, in the morning, the hydrant is disconnected from the network and opened. The opening-closing disc is closed by reverse movement in the closing direction. The binding is in the direction of flow from bottom to top.

Like other fire extinguishing devices, "fire hydrants" have a number of features:

Ability to intervene immediately - If the facility is considered unusable when the fire progresses quickly, the importance of immediate intervention becomes apparent. The fire hydrant will help extinguish the fire easily and quickly with its special features.
No shock effect - The flow in fire hydrants is stable, does not create turbulence, stable flow is ensured in the area of special wings. For this reason, the shock effect is eliminated and the hose is easy to use.
It should be drained automatically - after the hydrant is used, the water remaining in the body is removed from the hydrant with an automatic drain system. Thus, the hydrant is protected in freezing conditions.
No pumping conditions - As the fire hydrant is closed in the downstream direction, pumping conditions are not observed.
Long life- Since the hydrants are placed outdoors, the lower body supports the shaft from below. Since the shaft does not vibrate, the slot in which it is placed does not deform and remains for a long time.
The principle of operation of hydrants consists in injecting a large amount of water on combustible materials (wood, paper, cloth). Do not use water in case of fire in high voltage electrical equipment, flammable materials (gasoline, white oil, acetone, alcohol) and toxic or flammable gases reacting with water (soda, potassium, calcium carbide). When fighting a fire, it is necessary to pay attention that the water does not damage the surrounding non-combustible materials and equipment.

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