Fire alarm

The means of fire alarm is to detect fire at the initial stage and to transmit an alarm signal about the time and place of the fire and, if necessary, to activate automatic extinguishing and smoke extraction systems. The fire alarm system reacts to the initial signs of fire (smoke, heat, flame).

A fire alarm system combines both protection (door or window opening) and fire functions. Fire alarm installation consists of parts - automatic (smoke, heat and combined) fire alarms, manual fire alarms, automatic and manual fire alarms.

The main elements of a fire alarm system are as follows:

fire alarms
reception-control devices
fire alarm plumes

control devices
data transfer system

latest remote control devices
central monitoring remotes

Addressable fire alarm system – is a set of fire alarm technical means and ensures automatic or manual activation of the "Fire" signal through automatic and manual addressable fire detectors that protect rooms in an addressable reception control device during a fire.

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