Audit, monitoring and consulting


Among the services provided by our company is the service of auditing any object of the Customer. But what does audit mean in general? In the context of this article, audit means the verification of compliance with any fire or explosion safety regulations by professionals equipped with appropriate and necessary measuring and control equipment. The audit includes verification of compliance of all ordered rooms, areas and potentially dangerous zones with accepted fire, ignition or explosion safety standards.

After the audit check, a written list of the necessary technical means and organizational measures to eliminate the deficiencies can be developed and presented to the Customer. The prepared list is indicative in nature, with clearly defined technical conditions. Fulfillment of the conditions of the indication is enough for the object to be accepted by the State Commission.

Of course, it is possible to achieve the necessary level of fire safety in different ways. "Safe Life" experts can always describe all the possible options of solutions that comply with fire safety standards in a consultative (consultative) form (that is, even before providing consulting services and submitting a written proposal). The solution options depend on the customer's financial capabilities, availability of appropriate staff, aesthetic requirements, and other factors. All this allows you to choose the option that best meets the customer's requirements and is the most optimal for the discussed object.

For example, in places with a high level of harmfulness, it is more appropriate to apply technical means in rooms. On the contrary, if for any reason there is permanent staff on duty at the facility, in this case it is possible to apply simplified systems of automation. Even then, a dual monitoring scheme can be proposed by applying the scheme of connection to a centralized monitoring station. For example, one customer may propose to run the wires outside the wall through steel pipes, of which there are quite a lot in this facility, from the point of view of economy, while another will not be satisfied with a plastic cover manufactured abroad - because he prefers wireless alarms, etc.

"Safe Life" company is able to carry out fire prevention monitoring by all available methods. Such methods already include all options, starting from the above-mentioned checks and ending with operational duty at the Centralized Monitoring Desk. Surveillance is carried out by video-surveillance cameras connected to intelligent systems that analyze video images, and also by monitoring objects through fire panels.