Audio video intercom


Modern audio and video intercom systems are considered to be one of the most reliable and effective means of ensuring residential security. These systems allow you to limit the entry of unwanted and uninvited "guests" into the apartment.

Audio-, video intercom is a two-way communication device. This device allows the person inside the room to communicate with the person trying to enter by hearing, or even seeing in the case of video communication, and only then make a decision whether to let this person in or not.

The safety of the person inside the house is ensured by the lack of direct contact with the visitor. At this time, the host has the discretion to establish any form of contact he deems necessary with the person who wants to enter. The owner of the audio- and video intercom can enter into communication with the person standing at the door and specify the purpose of his arrival, or, seeing that the visitor is behaving suspiciously, he can not make any contact with him.

Intercoms have replaced coded locks at the entrances of multi-storey buildings. Experience has shown that coded locks could not act as an effective barrier against outsiders entering closed spaces. So, usually the code needed to open these locks is very simple, one or two digits. After some time of use, the frequently pressed necessary code buttons are eaten and start to stand out from the rest. This makes it clear to anyone who wants to enter the building what the code is.

Audio and video intercom systems are a serious obstacle to outsiders who want to enter the front door. Of course, the absence of outsiders, uninvited guests, and noisy campaigns of teenagers at the entrance of the house allows to maintain cleanliness, order and calm here.

Audio and video systems are an indispensable find for suburban homes. Because there is usually quite a long distance from the front door of the house to the gate of the fence. When there is a video intercom communication, it is possible to know who is coming without the need to travel such a great distance.

To ensure the comfort of the residents, it is also possible to install several call panels or several intercoms in the room through electronic audio and video intercoms. Audio and video intercoms can be synchronized with other security systems, which leads to a higher level of security of the residence.