Buildings on fire protection


The modern approach to fire prevention involves a very serious arsenal of tools aimed at preventing combustion from starting. Such a direction should constantly develop - because new technologies bring new construction forms and new composite (previously unused) materials to the construction work. In addition to the information and knowledge base of the organization that performs this type of work in the field of service offering, it is necessary to have a staff of certified specialists.

  During the preventive fire protection of constructions, specialists keep a list of materials in potential burning places. At this time, in addition to combustible materials, non-combustible materials are also listed.

Wood and plastic, curtain fabric and carpet coverings, wallpapers (wallpapers) and cable lines and others - this is not a complete list of perishable materials used in construction. For all these materials, there are special absorbent compositions that increase their fire resistance. In addition, fire protection of constructions involves covering non-combustible materials with a special substance. Such a coating increases the time of their deformation and strengthens the overall fire resistance of the structure.

One thing must be kept in mind: fire prevention is a nobler and more effective task than the effort spent on eliminating the damage caused by even the weakest and smallest fire. A room or area where a fire has broken out requires major repairs almost immediately. However, besides the direct damage, it is more difficult to calculate the indirect damage caused by the fire: fire extinguishing, long-term ventilation of the place to remove smoke and smell, removal of soot traces, etc.