Protection-fire alarm


Security-fire alarm has become one of the most necessary attributes of every facility, from a suburban country house to a large enterprise, in our complex and unpredictable world. Advances in modern optics and electronics have performed almost all the functions of a live guard with great success, rendering the work of physical protection simply ineffective. Technical systems are fast, they don't need sleep and most importantly they are reliable – they cannot be hacked in any way. When these systems use quality components and are properly maintained, they can last for decades without breaking down.

The sensitivity of infrared motion warning devices, which "Safe Life" company uses more in security alarm, already exceeds the sensitivity of the cat's eye by 60%. The spectral sensitivity of the glass detector is such that it is possible to distinguish the sound of diamond-cut glass against the background of the sound of breaking a cabinet plate. Fire and smoke detectors and optical flame recorders are not far behind in perfection. But the most important issue in our modern digital life is the speed and volume of processed information.

A modern industrial computer is not the system computer we are used to. This small module mounted on an uninterruptible power supply board allows for artistic analysis of video surveillance camera signals. In the near future, with this method of analysis, it will be possible to determine with certainty both the signs of the fire and the suspicious people by comparing them with the persons in the files of the law enforcement agencies.
"Safe Life" company offers a full range of electronic security services.

The offered complex of services - initial inspection of the facility, drawing up an estimate, preparation, design and coordination of the alarm system, supply of components and materials, construction, installation and commissioning, handover of the facility to power structures and fire protection commissions, remote control with prompt response monitoring, unlimited time guaranteed, service and regulatory service to systems, etc. includes.

The design work is performed not only within the accepted technical norms, but also taking into account the requests of the customer that do not deviate from these norms. At this time, the time spent on the customer, his financial capabilities and even aesthetic nuances and other conditions are taken into account.

In many cases, the installation of a fire alarm is carried out in an apartment where people already live, in an active office, in a workshop, in a laboratory. Safe Life always takes the client's interests into account when scheduling work, as timing is one of the most important factors for noisy and dusty construction work.