Decades of solid business experience allow Siemens to claim that it is a rule-setting organization in the world of technology and innovation. "Siemens" currently owns 62,000 valid patents. The company has always focused on production technologies with the highest level of automation to ensure quality and interaction with the environment. Automation systems of "Siemens" correspond to the ISO 9001 standard, and environmental management systems correspond to the ISO 14001 standard.

"Siemens" company constantly optimizes the fire protection system. It has installed more than 40 million detectors worldwide. "Siemens" has one of the largest laboratories for testing fire resistance. It has also obtained more than 5000 fire propagation test results. "Siemens" is always with its partners and their customers. For this reason, it can provide support and product availability at any point of the Earth.

"Cerberus PRO (FS720)" is a new generation fire alarm system. This system is created using advanced technologies and meets the highest safety standards. C-WEB fire control panels, terminals and network structures are designed according to EN54-2, EN54-4 and other additional national regulatory documents. These elements form the core of the FS720 fire alarm system. The highest degree of reliability and optimal adaptation to the customer's existing systems was achieved by the application of FD720 (C-NET) intelligent peripheral devices.