"MSA" company is one of the world's leading companies in the development, production and sale of personal protective equipment and gas concentration control systems in the environment. A very wide range of products, starting from the simplest to the most advanced technological means of protection, will ensure the protection of personnel, equipment and the environment. The idea of an "integrated system" is the basis of the production of the "MSA" company, which ensures the mutual compatibility of various defense means.

MSA's goal is to be one of the best innovators by offering quality products, technologies and services to ensure people's safety. "MSA" provides security solutions in all possible areas. These solutions range from personal protective equipment to gas measuring equipment, including respiratory protection. For decades, fire brigades, small and medium-sized enterprises or heavy industrial enterprises have benefited from the highest safety standards established by MSA.

Currently, "MSA" provides complex solutions in the following main areas: personal protective equipment; means of respiratory protection; head, body and face protection means; means of protection of eyes and hearing organs; fire fighting and rescue equipment and gas measuring equipment for detecting gas leaks.
"MSA" products are used in all leading areas of industry. In the automotive, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries, water treatment and emergency services - "MSA" always provides the highest safety standards.

"MSA" company can develop products that set new safety standards by professionally analyzing regional and national needs. MSA strives to fully satisfy its customers and exceed their expectations.