Mingachevir Reservoir


Perimeter protection of "Mingachevir Water Reservoir and Power Station".
"Safe Life" LLC, operating since 2007, manufactures and sells fire-extinguishing equipment products, installs fire alarm and gas fire extinguishing systems, camera-monitoring systems, fire protection systems and means, installs, inspects and repairs parking systems, residential and public buildings , equipping commercial facilities with those equipments and systems, organizing perimeter protection.

One of the latest projects implemented by the "Safe Life" company is the perimeter protection project of "Mingachevir Water Reservoir and Power Station". In the implementation of the project, using innovative technologies, several security systems have been implemented. Ensuring security at the Mingachevir hydropower plant is a very important national security issue. To protect it from outside interference, a perfect security system has been established using the most modern equipment. This security system protects the perimeter of the station, the water dam and 3 specially important engineering facilities.

Systems that identify the vehicle number and the driver's facial features have been installed at the station's 4 checkpoints. The person entering the checkpoint goes through the face control system. Identification of facial features is carried out, a special plastic card is brought closer to the turnstile and permission to pass is obtained. Then, the person's handbag and other small items are checked in an X-ray television introscope. Each of the four launch points is managed from a single hub. The object is monitored along the perimeter in the Monitoring room located on the second floor of the Checkpoint.

The most important element of the security system is fences. The fencing system consists of two boundaries. The first fence is equipped with barbed wire so that it is impossible to cross it and jump over it. High-sensitivity vibration-vibration protection detectors are installed on the second fence. With the help of these detectors, information about any intrusion into the fence is immediately transmitted to the center and detected. In addition, radio-wave motion detectors were installed in the corridor between the first and second fences. A creature that has crossed the first fence enters the microwave space until it approaches the second fence, and before it reaches the second fence, the source of the interference is already visible on the monitor of the central controller.

One of the most important elements in the security system is the supports installed along the border. Monitoring and warning equipment with various functions are installed on these supports: Pan-tilt camera, 360-degree rotating surveillance camera, Static camera, Weather stations, Loudspeakers and Projectors. The most important element in the whole security system is the mini "Radiolocation" station. This system allows observation in the most difficult weather conditions. When this system is installed at a height of 25 meters above the sea, it can identify a 1200-ton object at a distance of 23 nautical miles, a 400-ton object at a distance of 16 nautical miles, and a small 4.5-ton object at a distance of 3 nautical miles. This system ensures the safety of navigation even in search and rescue operations in difficult weather conditions. In case of any external interference to the facility, all information is transmitted to the center through this system and an alarm signal is issued to prevent the interference.