Balakhani Garbage Processing Plant


In 2009, France's CNİM S.A. Balakhani Garbage Processing Plant, whose construction was started by the company, is located in Balakhani settlement on an area of 10 ha. "Tamiz shahr" OJSC was established by the decree of President Ilham Aliyev dated August 6, 2008, with the aim of creating a unified system for the collection, processing and disposal of household waste in accordance with modern standards.

The French company has built two lines intended for incineration of about 500,000 tons of household waste. In addition, turbines capable of producing 230 megawatts of electricity per year have been installed at the plant. Sludge generated as a result of garbage burning will be used in road construction.

In many years of experience, Safe Life company has provided security systems for many strategic facilities. Fire alarm systems were installed by "Safe Life" company at the Balakhani garbage processing plant. Fire alarm means to detect fire at the initial stage and to transmit an alarm signal about the time and place of fire and, if necessary, to activate automatic extinguishing and smoke extraction systems. The fire alarm system reacts to the initial signs of fire (smoke, heat, flame).