Argus Spectrum


"Argus-Spektr" company - development of fire protection devices and systems, sound warning and fire automation control systems, fire protection and alarm signaling radio systems, warning sending systems, access control and management devices, integrated complexes for objects of various complexity. and specialized in production.

Since 1996, "Argus-Spektr" company has set a 5-year warranty period for its products. The firm also holds ISO 9001:2000 and LPCB (UK) quality certificates. "Argus-Spektr" provides warranty and service, technical support, training of managers and specialists of all categories on the application and operation of its products.

A new perspective product of "Argus-Spektr" company - "STRELES®" (СТРЕЛЕЦ®) is a professional radio system of fire protection and address-analog fire alarm. Specialists of "Argus-Spektr" company were awarded with the title of "Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology among young scientists" for the development and implementation of the "STRELES®" (СТРЕЛЕЦ®) radio system. Today, the "STRELES®" (СТРЕЛЕЦ®) radio system is installed and operated in many residential, commercial, educational and socially important facilities of the Russian Federation, European and CIS countries.