İveco magirus


Iveco Magirus AG is located in Ulm, Germany and manufactures trucks and buses. These vehicles produced by the company have a reputation for meeting high technical standards, being able to work in the most difficult conditions.

Iveco Magirus AG also invented the revolving barrel ladder called the Magirus Leiter. Very soon, this unique discovery became one of the main equipment of firefighting teams around the world. In 1975, "Iveco" company bought "Magirus" and trucks began to be produced under the name "Iveco Magirus". "Iveco Magirus AG" is one of the leading companies producing fire fighting equipment.

Despite the fact that the trucks used in fire fighting are based on chassis and engines manufactured by "Iveco", platforms from other truck manufacturers are also used to install fire fighting equipment. However, "Magirus Iveco Magirus" revolving barrel ladder produced by "Iveco Magirus AG" is the unrivaled leader of the world market.

Most Magirus trucks are also known as Magirus Deutz. Because the air-cooled engine of the machines comes from the "Deutz AG" plant. Such engines are also used in agriculture and marine vehicles.