From the first day of its activity, "Fetaş" company has been following the principles of "Quality" and "Satisfying its Customers". The products of "Fetaş" company are used both in Turkey and abroad in large projects. In this way, "Fetaş" was able to have an international brand in the fire protection product sector. Currently, 50% of the company's products are exported.

"Fetaş" company has a research and development laboratory. In this laboratory, new projects, production cycles, durability, hardness and quality tests are conducted. All products of "Fetaş" are presented to the customer only after checking their quality and passing all tests. At the same time, the company constantly implements innovations in product technology. Product production is carried out on a computer system using high-tech equipment. Having specialized personnel, "Fetaş" has the ability to produce special constructions according to the customer's request.

The field of use of Fetaş company's fire protection products includes the following: in the industrial field - paper and plastic factories, fabric, varnish and paint factories, power plants, water reservoirs, oil installations, etc.; in the social sphere - trade and business centers, airports, metro, hospitals, gyms, cinemas, schools, etc.; in the residential area - hostels, villas, hotels, hotel complexes, etc.

"Fetaş" company will respond to your needs in terms of fire safety with qualified personnel and proven quality. The company's products are used for both stationary and mobile: *Water fire extinguishing systems, *Powder fire extinguishing systems, *Foam fire extinguishing systems.