Schrack Seconet


"Schrack Sekonet AG" has a leading role in the development of fire safety systems, as well as communication and computing systems for medical institutions within the "Sekuritas Group" enterprise. Schrack Sekonet AG pays special attention to new research. Thus, the company invests about 4.6% of the total turnover in scientific research and research.
For communication systems of medical institutions, "Schrack Sekonet AG" offered a new product to the market - VISOCALL-IP modern network system. This system ensures reliable communication between medical personnel and patients at the most modern technical level. The latest in firefighting equipment is the MTD533 multisensor combined warning device and the latest Integral Evolution fire alarm and firefighting control station.

"Schrack Sekonet AG" is the first company among security system manufacturers to receive the ISO 9001 quality certificate. "VISOCALL PLUS" - a communication system for medical institutions, developed by "Schrack Sekonet AG", was the first in the world to receive the certificate of the Austrian Electrotechnical Association according to the VDE 0834 standard. VDE 0834 defines performance standards for systems, including aspects of reliability and environmental impact.

Specialists of the company "Schrack Sekonet AG" help in the implementation of the project by ensuring that the works are performed at the highest technical level. This technical assistance is manifested in the installation and operation of fire safety and communication systems for medical institutions. Questions and wishes of customers are seriously analyzed. At this time, special attention is paid to the specifics of the object and the concrete system. Schrack Sekonet AG offers a total solution covering both technical issues and system reliability and safety.