Automatic Systems


Automatic Systems

The company "Automatic Systems" is part of the "IER" group of companies, one of the leaders in the production of equipment for automated access control. "Automatic Systems" company was founded in 1969. Since then, the company has continued to grow and expand.

Based on 40 years of experience, the company installs equipment for paid access control (public transport, roads), as well as in the access zones of enterprises, office and administrative buildings, as part of the access systems of various facilities (ports, airports, facilities requiring high access security, etc.). develops and manufactures equipment for heating as roadblocks.

Subsidiaries of "Automatic Systems" are spread all over the world. The company even has an international distribution network. Automatic Systems has 6 international offices located in Belgium, France, England, Spain, Canada and the USA. The company also operates 3 factories in Belgium and 1 in Canada, and 115,000 units of equipment are installed in 60 different countries of the world. More than 40 cities in the world are equipped with traffic control systems.
"Automatic Systems" company applies a system of continuous quality improvement. In addition to satisfying the wishes of customers in the field of the quality of the released product, a management system was also created that controls the development of the company and the introduction of innovations.

Based on 40 years of experience, the company offers toll-based access control (public transport systems, highways, etc.) and security access control (building, immigration control, etc.):

security equipment that restricts the access of vehicles
pedestrian protection control
security equipment restricting passenger access
international participation