AES Corporation İntelliNet


AES-IntelliNet is a leader in the production of high-quality wireless network systems used by fire and security services in commercial, corporate, government and educational institutions. "AES-IntelliNet" offers its customers a wide range of products and advanced network management tools.

The users of network services of "AES-IntelliNet" significantly increased their income, expanded the possibilities of using communication tools and saved their expenses. Along with all this, the highest reliability standards required in the field of firefighting and protection industry have also been achieved.

Alarm monitoring systems provided by "AES-IntelliNet" company are working in 130 countries and hundreds of thousands of places around the world. The innovative wireless network can be quickly and easily adapted to many industries. The wireless network is mostly used in places where data transmission over large geographical distances requires high reliability and relatively low cost of use. The equipment's advanced design and two-way data exchange capability make it simpler to install, expand, and maintain compared to alternative communication methods, both wireless and wired.