Honeywell Corporation is working on solutions to two major security and energy efficiency issues dictated by global macro trends. The company has more than 132,000 employees worldwide, of which 19,000 are engineers. In everything produced, quality, user-friendliness, and technological modernity are the main conditions. At first glance, the two goals, which are the opposite of each other, have achieved great results in terms of production growth and development.

The tools for achieving the goals that ensure service quality and effectiveness are the company's internal global business processes. Thanks to these processes, world-class products appear faster and at lower costs for the customer. The company's activities: Aerospace equipment - Aerospace products and services are widely used in defense and space industry, civil and military aviation. The main goal of the company is to make flights safe, reliable, profitable and economically more profitable.

Control and automation systems - Environmental control equipment, mobile systems, building management systems as well as remanufacturing industry systems. The product range provides full conditions for quickly obtaining information and making decisions in the right direction. Our products are already used in 150 million residential houses, 10 million offices and public buildings, and more than 5000 production enterprises.

High-quality materials and technologies - The company is engaged in the development and production of progressive materials and technologies, the prepared materials make it possible to purchase bio-fuel, increase production in oil refineries, prepare new medicines, and extend the useful life of medicines.

Transportation systems - Transportation systems division provides world-class technology and solutions for machine-building enterprises, users and sellers.