Nedap Security Management


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"Nedap" is an innovation-commercial company. For more than 80 years, the company's success has been based on its maximally successful cooperation with customers and partners. "Nedap" is widely represented in the international market with a network of local business partners and sales offices. "Nedap" employees can provide necessary assistance and support in each of them.

"Nedap AEOS" is a very powerful, user-friendly access control and security management system based on IP technology. In "Nedap AEOS", the functional capabilities of the system are formed according to the user's wishes with the help of special warning components of the software (installed software) by means of data transfer between equal nodes of the network ("peet-to-peer" communications).

Large companies around the world have already been able to properly assess the possibilities of optimizing investments in the IT structure of their facilities when using Nedap AEOS network solutions for security management. In addition, "Nedap AEOS" creates wide possibilities of using the IP-system as an integrated platform for the full-scale organization of the security system network of the entire structure of objects. "Nedap AEOS" security system using IP-technology offers a reliable solution to all your security problems both now and in the future.