"Dalgıç Yangın" company produces high-quality fire protection and protection systems. The products of "Dalgıç Yangın" company differ from others in terms of size and weight. For example, the company's product range includes a fire extinguisher that weighs approximately 1 kg and is ideal for use in a car. At the same time, there are fire extinguishers in the range that are used in industrial enterprises. Their weight is about 250 kg.

Another type of manufactured product is fire cabinets. Fire cabinets can be of different sizes, with metal or glass doors, installed inside or outside the building. "Dalgıç Yangın" company has created an FM200 gas fire extinguishing system for server rooms and rooms with a lot of electrical equipment. "Dalgıç Yangın" products are used in homes, hospitals, hotels, cars, factories, ships, etc. all over the world. used in places.

Product quality and customer service are priority issues for "Dalgıç Yangın" company. The task before the company is to gain the trust of the client who demands high standards and justify this trust. Regardless of the situation, "Dalgıç Yangın" company always adheres to high quality and honesty.

"Dalgıç Yangın" company has representative offices in Baku, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and Antalya. The company has made great achievements in achieving professionalism. The production capacity of "Dalgıç Yangın" company is increasing year by year. "Dalgıç Yangın" guarantees its products for 2 years and offers the highest level of service. Along with all this, the company also provides information relevant to its purpose and conducts consultations on fire fighting and fire safety.